Workforce Development

Through carefully researched and crafted curriculums and strong corporate partnerships we have designed a robust line of Workforce Development (WFD) programs that service the needs of clients and employers alike. The following methods are implemented within all of our WFD programs. They include our WorkFirst Model, Blended Learning, Employer Customer Optimization, and our ACT National Career Readiness Certification. The combination of these methods effectively prepares clients for a successful transition from training to employment.

The WorkFirst Model: Our WorkFirst Model is founded on the principles of discipline, respect, and knowledge. Through our services and training programs we teach individuals to discipline their minds and display it through their actions; to have a healthy respect for themselves, others, the community, and authority; and to realize that knowledge and the direct application of it, is the path to true economic self-sufficiency. By incorporating these three concepts into every training program we are able to produce candidates who are not only personally empowered but professionally competent. As part of our core principles clients attend their professional skills training programs for a minimum of 35 hours per week and are required to dress in business casual attire. They are also required to punch in and out with an actual timecard to keep track of their hours throughout the day. Trainees wishing to be absent from training are required to seek approval by submitting a time off request to their instructor 48 hours in advance. By consistently simulating the workplace we are able to ensure our clients and corporate partners a seamless transition from training to employment.                       

Blended Learning: Self-directed learning and management has become increasingly important for professionals at all levels. In an age where your direct supervisor may be in another state or even another country, the ability to communicate virtually and act independently has become essential in the workplace. All of our professional training programs are delivered in a blended learning format to equip clients with these necessary skills. Our clients take the initiative and the responsibility for learning and developing into self-managed, technologically savvy 21st century professionals.

Employer Customization Option (ECO): At the ULEM, we do not subscribe to the one size fits all approach when developing an employment opportunity for our participants. We understand that even though companies may operate within the same industry concepts, their strategies, tools, and short and long term goals can differ greatly. Our employer customization option affords the perfect solution for creating a specialized employer specific training track based on their distinctive employer needs and gaps that they may have in their own operations and services. Our desire is to provide a win-win solution with the collaborating employer that will not only serve their individual needs but employ our highly skilled participants, who are eager to work and become productive members of your organization and of society.

ACT National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC): This is an industry-recognized, portable, evidence-based credential that certifies essential skills needed for workplace success.  As an organization we recognize that in order to increase the employment options of our constituents we needed to incorporate industry recognized certifications. The NCRC is now a base credential that anyone who enrolls in one of our professional skills trainings can earn. The NCRC will also measure the skill level of each individual. Students will earn either a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum seal, based on their performance on the assessment.


Workforce Development Programs

Currently ULEM has five Workforce Development programs which cover a variety of job skills and expertise, age range, and both non-profit organizations and corporate partnerships. In 2013 we will continue expand out programs in the field of finance with our newest program being our Dollars & Sense Financial Literacy Training. Below is a list of our program services for you to choose from: