The Urban League Guild

Black History Observance
Saturday, February 23, 2013


Guild members are typically long-time volunteers and donors to the urban League. They donate their time to deliver services that extend public understanding and support of the local and national programs of the Urban League.

In 1942, the first Urban League Guild was founded by Mrs. Mollie L. Moon in New York City. The activities undertaken by the Guild quickly caught the attention of the Urban League affiliates across the country. As a result, Guilds are now operation in more than 85 cities under the National Council of Urban League Guilds. The principle concerns of the Urban League Guilds are in the areas of interpretations, leadership development, and fund-raising. Originally established on an informal basis, the Guild later adopted by-laws and began holding annual elections and regular meetings.

On the local level, the urban League Guild of Eastern Massachusetts has been a working force in the Boston community since 1946. What was formerly called the "Urbanettes," the ULEM Guild has been an active financial member of the National Council of Urban League Guilds since the council's inception in 1952. Former Massachusetts State Senator Edward Brooke installed Mrs. Cleora Francis as the first Guild President for the Urban League Guild of Eastern Massachusetts.

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