Young Professionals Network


What is YPN?

YPN is a group of young professionals (21-40 yrs old) who engage in leadership development, economic empowerment, and community service. They are preparing to take leadership roles within the National Urban League, corporate America, and public service. YPN members are defining and developing the next generation civil rights agenda.



YPN Mission Statement

The Mission of YPN is "to provide a forum for African - Americans and other professionals of color to focus their energies on community service, social consciousness, political involvement, and youth mentoring while evolving personally and professionally through its peer network".


YPN's goals are to develop programs that have positive impacts on the at-large Boston communities of color, to develop professional and social programming that surpasses the needs and expectations of young professionals, and to assist ULEM with achieving its goals.


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Facebook: Young Professionals Network of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts