ULEM Core Initiative

The Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts delivers a four-point strategy to its service area to provide, through an underlying core curriculum of Math and English, programs and services, for African Americans and other persons of color, that ensure their improved economic development and increased self-reliance.

Education and Youth Empowerment: Ensure that youth in the middle and high school grades develop the basic ability in Math and English to take and score well in the pivotal tests that determine their educational and economic future opportunities.

Economic Empowerment: Empower adult learners and employment seekers through the integration of Math and English curriculum methodology with the required tools to attain economic self-sufficiency through job training and sustained employment.

Advocacy and Civil Rights Empowerment: Promote and ensure that our core initiatives, civil rights and elements of empowering self-development are protected by a close watch and organized advocacy campaigns addressing the self-sustaining advances associated with qualified education, employment equity, entrepreneurship and home ownership.

Leverage Strengths, Partnerships and Measurement: Establish alliances through partnerships and collaboration to leverage the strengths of ULEM’s services, program structure and technology base for the mutual benefits and synergy it derives. Establish systems and develop industry required metrics to collect and deliver program and client results.