Pre-Employment Skills Training (PST)

The Pre-Employment Skills Training program (PST) is a six-week training program that prepares individuals to successfully compete in today's workforce. Participants will learn technology skills as well as job readiness. This program has a lot to offer to unemployed and underemployed adults who would like to advance their career skills and opportunities.

Participants that enroll in the PST training will receive professional skills training, career assessment, case management, and job placement assistance. Upon completing the six-week training module, participants will then be supported by the Employment Resource Center staff during the Placement Output Standard period, which is a three-week staff directed and structured job search. This segment of the program also includes referring participants directly to employer partners of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts.

In addition, through ERC, individuals who are interested in careers in the automotive or financial services industry may be eligible for participation in The Partnership for Automotive Career Education (PACE) or the Financial Services Academy (FSA). Both partnerships include community based organizations and industry-based partners and are designed to provide training, employment and career development opportunities in these growing industries.

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Empowerment Skills

Participants are taught how to work with the opposite gender through exercises that have role playing and guiding questions directed by the instructor. Some of the exercises that support these skills are: men and women working together, Cross-culture Diversity, and conflict resolution.

Technology Skills

Participants are provided with instructions on how to utilize a computer and interact with Microsoft applications as well as using the internet. This is facilitated by an instructor who uses a curriculum that has been laid out by our technology department. The curriculum is designed to enhance participants’ skill levels by way of two tracks, one for those who are beginners and the other for those that are at an intermediate level. Participants wrap up the technology section by doing activities around building a resume, cover letter, and Thank You letter.

Job Readiness Skills

Participants are instructed on how to respond to specific interview questions. They are given 100 questions to which they need to respond. The questions are then evaluated by the instructor. Once the participants understand how to respond correctly, they begin a mock interview process using their resumes and the questions as an activity overseen by the instructor.

The curriculum

  • Basic computer training
  • Math, English & Writing training
  • Self-development / Life Skills Management
  • Referral assistance
  • Resume writing & interview techniques
  • Understanding the corporate culture
  • Know your rights MCAD & EEOC

PST sessions start every six weeks. Upcoming sessions start on:


Cycle 1: ~Upcoming! Apply Now!~
October 6

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