Our Members

Because of our members, the League will help over 8,000 individuals and families of color receive new job skills, find gainful employment and improve the quality of their lives. Your support of the Urban League's educational programs for youth, job training and placement services for adults and advocacy activities will make this possible.


Members and Donors

Chairman’s Club
Pamela D. Everhart

President’s Club
Sam J. Smith & Jacqueline Dix Smith

Heritage Members
Phillip E. Copeland
Pierce J. Haley
Wilton B. Hyman
Wei Lin
Stephanie D. Neal Johnson
Trinh Nguyen
April J. Taylor

Family Members
John L. Christian and Leslie Christian
Jacqueline B. George & family
Wayne Johnson & family
Melvin H. King and Joyce King
Karl C. Kuban, M.D. and Annette Kuban
Allan R. Miller and Barbara Miller
Peter E. O'Neil & family
Lisa Rivers & family
Rollins W. Ross and Paula Ross
Robert G. Smith and Jane Smith
Preston N. Williams and Constance Williams
Leah L. Young and Sieh Samura

Individual Members
Reginald Abraham
Celia J. Blue
Kirk L. Bowen
Peggy Brown
Patrick Day
David Everhart
Sharol L. Knox
Louise M. Lerouge
Dickens Mathieu
Alan D. May
Peter F. Muise
Khalid Mustafa
Ellen H. Plapinger
Stanley Roberts
Patricia E. Spence
Stanley C. Swann
Martella Wilson-Taylor

Student Members
Tiffany Gosier
Keisha A. Mercury
Valmy St. Louis

Senior Members
Janie L. Alston
Gloria Bittle
Robert L. Bonds, Jr.
Harold R. Brown
Helen Credle
Anthony Crutchfield
Janyce S. Cunningham
Charles E. Dawson
Mollie Dawson
Gregory M. Day
Leon J. Easterling
Etta Emmerman
Sarah A. Flint
Carolyn T. Hanna
Ruby Hill
Donald Jones
Amika Kemmler-Ernst
Lorraine I. King
Pamela J. King
Elaine J. Maddox
John Maddox, Jr.
Bessie A. Maldonado
Patricia M. Marson
Alphonse Paul
Josephine Pina
Wilma N. Roper
Fannie B. Sanders
Getachew W. Selassie
Deborah E. Smith
Celeste M. Solomon
Margaret L. Strauss
Sarah M. Tibbs
Lynette Ward-Reid
Herman Washington
Jean A. Weber
Money L. Williams
Carole L. Williams
Glenda Williams
Myrna E. Wynn
Ting T. Zhang

Young Professionals
Network Members

Stephen Alkins, Jr.
Candice P. Baldwin
Dellarie Barbour
Barbara Brothers
Michael Groves
Sophia LaFontant
James J. O'Connell
Shirley J. Parker
Shaquanna Phillip
Nancy Rousseau

*March 2007 - March 2008

Guild Members
Anthony Allen
Muriel A. Beasley
Minniebel A. Benn
Odessa W. Bowden
Mary L. Branch
Geneva E. Brown
Thelma D. Burns
Alicia M. Byrd
William J. Clements
Lillian P. Corbin
Esther M. Crum
James R. Davis
Edith Deas
Edith M. Dorch
Thomasina C. Dyett
Vincent H. Farrar
Gloria L. Fox
Sylvia F. Garnett
Margaret L. Gilliam
Rosetta P. Grant
Naomi Harris
James S. Hills
Daisy Janey
Gloria S. Jefferson
Dorothea M. Jones
Yvonne Jones
Harold E. Jones
Audrey Jones
Patrick E. Knight
Laura C. Lee
Maurice L. Linton
Brenda Y. Lopes
Sylvia A. McDowell
Rosalvo C. Mulluer
Rose M. Negatu
Louise R. Paris
Louise R. Parris
Muriel J. S. Patton
Winifred J. Powell
Debra C. Roberts
Doris W. Robinson
Bettye J. Robinson
Frank M. Robinson
Willis D. Saunders, Jr.
Elsie G. Scott
Jacqueline Scott
Beverly Gibson Soares
Marian G. Spencer
Geraldine L. Taylor
Jeanne M. Tibbs
Carlton V. Vickers
Josephine A. Watson
Herman T. Wells
Lois A. Wells
Kathleen M. Wilson
Josephine E. Worrell
Sylvia A. Wright