Online Learning Readiness

Online Learning Readiness (OLLR): The digital divide has greatly impacted this nation’s economy. In an age where technology becomes outdated upon its release, aspiring professionals must stay abreast and engaged. The OLLR program gives clients the foundation they need to hit the ground running. Clients learn the nuts and bolts of computers, software, and hardware becoming digitally competent in the process in a twelve week, intensive class of online learning. 

Students learn to:

1) Become proficient in using email and the internet;

2) Acquire basic technology skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access;

3) Create a digital portfolio (resume, cover letter, thank you letter etc.) needed for a successful job search;

4) Learn appropriate work readiness skills and techniques; and

5) Learn computer and internet safety.

If you are interested in taking this free training please contact Burrell Clark, at or 617-442-4519 ext. 214. Or you can attend one of our weekly Informational Sessions at the ULEM on Tuesday or Wednesday at 1:00pm.