Mature Worker Program (MWP)

Operated since 2004, and funded by the Department of Labor, the Mature Worker Program is an innovative community-based workforce development program that combines “soft” and “hard” skills training, job placement, career coaching, and retention support for 150 low-income and mainly minority adults, ages 55-85 in the greater Boston area. MWP's focus is to nurture a healthy, vibrant lifestyle and promote dignity and the independence of older workers through various assignments at specific community-based nonprofit “host” training agencies. This real life on-the-job training prepares them to enter the job market and establish a positive work/volunteer record to obtain living wage employment.

To date, this initiative has effectively transitioned 110 participants with multiple barriers into long-term employment. Each participant is allowed a maximum time of 48 months of employment preparation and case management prior to the transition of a permanent job.


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Mature Workers

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For more details about participating in the Mature Worker Program please contact, Marsha Croxen, our Program Coordinator at or 617-442-4519 ext. 220.

To apply to become a non-profit “host” training agency, please contact, Bruce Carter,  our HTA Site Monitor at or 617-442-4519 ext. 269.



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We are looking for people 55+ who want to be active, manage their weight better and improve their overall health! This four month program has an open enrollment and is accepting new applicants. Click on the downloadable registration form and waiver form to apply, and email it to Marsha Croxen at, or stop by our offices 9am-5pm to enroll and weigh-in.  


  • Where: Franklin Park Golf Course
  • Address1 Circuit Dr, Dorchester, MA
  • Registration & Weigh-in: In front of clubhouse
  • Time: 8:00AM - 9:30AM
  • Dates: July - October 2013
  • Target Age: 55-85 years old  




* Walking Wise Awards Ceremony for all who participate!


* Prizes for the person who loses the most weight! 


* Prizes for those who have the highest attendance rate!  

 To register and reserve your slot, contact: