Domestic and Sexual Violence Project

Domestic/Sexual Violence Project
Domestic/Sexual Abuse and Violence support is available to anyone seeking support. This culturally sensitive service is offered in direct response to the need for information, resources, and support regarding domestic and sexual violence in the heart of the African American/people of color community. Led by Reverend Traci Jackson Antoine, this service is in collaboration with the following service providers: Casa Myrna, Center for Hope and Healing, and Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership. The collaboration also includes 2 Boston Police Officers and consultants.

In serving victims, perpetrators, and anyone else who enters the ULEM doors, ULEM addresses the issue of violence prevention in our communities in significant ways. Of note, (1) getting a job boosts self-esteem, while also elevating someone’s financial status. Poverty and a lack of income are major contributors towards violence. (2) Those who seek to remove themselves from violent environments/situations by way of getting a job are getting the necessary pre-employment skills and certifications at ULEM. Obtaining those skills help people to gain independence, while assisting in breaking the cycle of violence. (3) ULEM will soon become a vital access point for information, support, and referrals. (4) Victims will see ULEM, a trusted, culturally specific institution take a leadership role in speaking out against violence. (5) Victims will know more about violence and prevention, will recognize red flags and warning signs, and will seek help earlier. (6) Victims will experience a more coherent and coordinated community response to violence as stronger relationships among ULEM and our partners.