Support Services

Employment Resource Center
The Employment Resource Center (ERC) is open Monday through Friday between 10am and 4:30pm. This computer lab is available for employment purposes only. Within the ERC, additional support is available to not just enrolled program participants, but anyone who visits ULEM for support. Everyone who utilizes the ERC must complete an intake form. The ERC provides (1) assistance with basic online job searching, (2) support for additional cover letter and resume changes, and (3) information on any newly listed positions by posting them on the job board. In general, the ERC serves 600+ people annually.

Job Placement
Job Placement assistance is available to all participants enrolled in our workforce development programs. Depending on the program, participants meet with the Job Placement Specialist weekly or as needed. Participants receive job descriptions and contact information for available positions that best suit their skill set and educational background. They are also prepared for job interview(s) through one-on-one meetings, in addition to their classroom training in job readiness. Participants are offered ongoing support up to 12 months.

Case Management
Case Management Services are available to all participants enrolled in our WFD programs. Case Management is the most significant asset and strongest component of ULEM’s programs, according to feedback received from partners and employers. We believe this is because our staff is reflective of the constituents that we serve and are able to provide resources to overcome obstacles to employment. ULEM’s case manager also does follow-up and tracking of the participants’ placements once they have completed a program. Our efforts help participants develop concrete support and employment plans extending far beyond the time they spend training with us. With our referrals and support, participants are able to take clearly defined steps toward moving out of poverty through employment. We provide post-job placement support for up to 24 months.